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How are neutrophils anti-inflammatory

Exacerbations (acute increases in symptoms) of asthma occur even when treatment regimens are optimal, and result insubstantial morbidity, mortality and health care costs.Lung infections by either viruses or bacteria precipitate over 80% of such exacerbations.  

Innovation of Neutrophils Therapeutic Potential:Neutrophils are classically described as proinflammatory innate immune effector cells that are important in the host response to bacterial infection. In viral exacerbations, they are recruited to the airways, although their role in the aetiology, progression and resolution of exacerbations are poorly understood.

In ground-breaking studies, we have identified a novel immunosuppressive role of neutrophils (1). We discovered that neutrophils markedly suppress virus induced monocyte activation (reduced IL-6, CXCL8, INFb, and TNFa). This is important as monocytes are key immune cells, which directly fight infections, coordinate the immune response, and differentiate into tissue macrophages and dendritic cells important for pathogen clearance. 

In this PhD project you will use cutting edge proteomics techniques to discover which cellular receptors are involved, and prove their involvement using CRISPR/Cas9 targeted genome editing or antagonists.

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(1) Tang FS, Hansbro PM, Burgess JK, Ammit AJ, Baines KJ, Oliver BG. A novel immunomodulatory function of neutrophils on rhinovirus-activated monocytes in vitro. Thorax. 2016;71(11):1039-49.