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Pawan Sharma

About me.

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for approximately 4 years (Ranbaxy (now Daiichi Sankyo, India) and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals). In these roles I lead and managed a team of scientists conducting in vivo pharmacology activities to advance leads from preclinical discovery into early development. In these roles I gained my knowledge of animal models of asthma and COPD (mice, guinea pigs and rats). I then undertook his PhD mentored by Dr Andrew Halayko), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada where in addition to using in vivo models he also became expert in the use of primary human airway cells. My expertise was further enhanced with two-post doctoral fellowships (University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada and the Centre for Translational Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA) working within the groups of Profs. David Proud and Raymond Penn respectively. In 2015 I moved to The University of Technology Sydney / The Woolcock Institute.

My specific area of expertise lies within understanding the pathophysiology of asthma and in particular fibrotic mechanisms in human cellular and murine models of asthma. Over the course of my research experience and training, my research has focused on understanding the molecular basis for chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma and COPD. My long-term research goal is to understand the interplay between various physiological processes in the cell that regulate or alter structural changes in the lung. I aim to decipher novel mechanisms and drugs targeting these irreversible structural changes known as “airway remodelling” which is a hallmark - of asthma.