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431 Glebepoint Road

+612 9114 0000

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We grow cells from donated lung tissue to understand what goes wrong in chronic lung diseases such as asthma, LAM and smoking related lung diseases such as emphysema and COPD. We aim to discover new treatments and/or improve existing ones.

The group has established one of the largest collection facilities for human lung tissue in the world against a background of collaboration and goodwill from physicians, surgeons, pathologists and transplant coordinators. This ready availability of human lung tissue positions the group to address pivotal questions about the underlying pathophysiological events in chronic lung disease. In recent years the group has successfully cultured airway cells from biopsies from asthmatic volunteers.

We have research collaborations with groups in Newcastle, Australia and Perth Western Australia, London, UK, Groningham in the Netherlands, San Francisco, USA and Ferrara and Modena, Italy and ongoing joint research projects with Michael Roth from University Hospital, Basel, with exchange of cells, tissues and research personnel between our groups. In our studies on LAM we are collaborating with Professor Vera Krymskaya in Philadelphia, USA.