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Brian Oliver extended his studies on respiratory viruses collaborating with Euan Tovey (WIMR), Bill Rawlinson (UNSW), Stephen Liggett (University of Maryland, USA), Nick King (USyd) and Thomas Trian (Bordeaux, France).  

Brian collaborates with Christine Jenkins (WIMR and Concord Hospital), Matthew Peters and Lucy Morgan (Concord Hospital) and Greg King (WIMR and Royal North Shore Hospital) who are working with us to access clinical samples from well defined patient groups.

Paul Foster and Phil Hansbro at Newcastle University are valuable collaborators with whom we can translate our cellular studies into whole animal in vivo investigations and Steve Wilton and Phil Thompson in Western Australia continue to work with us on our genetic studies. Elisabeth Bel (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) will work with our group studying mechanisms underlying severe asthma.

Thoracic physicians, pathologists and transplant coordinators – Allan Glanville (St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney); Brian McCaughan and Jocelyn McLean (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney); Juliet Burn (Douglass Hanly Moir, Sydney) and pathologists, transplant coordinators and theatre nurses at a number of Sydney hospitals and private practices all contribute to our ability to source tissue, following approval from appropriate ethics committees and signed, informed patient consent.